Rules for using children zip-line

1. These rules apply to all users who wish to use children zip-line.
It is mandatory to read and understand these rules.
2. The use of zip-line can be done in the following parameters:
a) Maximum weight: up to 45 kg
b) Maximum height: 1.50 m
People who do not fit these parameters cannot use children zipline, they can only use adults zip-line.
3. It is mandatory for parents (adults) to be present at the instructing about the usage of the zip-line.
4. After the instructing, on the zip-line, the children will be supervised by at least 2 adults: one at the starting point, one at the finish point.
5. It is forbidden the access on the platforms of more than 2 children and 1 adult.
6. When the height is more than 0.5 m above the ground, it is compulsory for children to be assured with the lanyards, exactly as the instructions given.
7. On one zip-line only one child is allowed. It is forbidden for two or more children in the same time because accidents may occur.
8. Based on these rules, the adults sign the list of instructions, in which they take full responsibility for the child (children) during the 30 minutes, the time allocated for
renting the equipment for the zip-line.
9. The ADMINISTRATION does not take responsibility for the incidents or accidents that occurred due to non-compliance of the regulation.


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